TVR Sagaris


Few cars look as dramatic as the new TVR Sagaris. While motorsport is never far from TVR's designers and engineers minds, the rigorous demands of the endurance racing arena were the foremost priority in the design of the Sagaris.

It has been designed to be the ultimate racing car for the road. Now it is possible to know what it feels like to drive a Le Mans car every day. Every scoop, every cut out adds to the most extraordinary dramatic lines on today's roads, this has to be the most dramatic road racer.

The TVR Sagaris is based upon the well proven T350 C and was initially conceived as the racing variant of the T350 C. Originally it was to have been called the T350 R but when the engine was confirmed as being that of the mighty Tuscan S the model designation would have logically become T400 R. This would have then caused confusion with the T400 R/T440 R. At this stage TVR decided to revert back to model names and the TVR Sagaris and TVR Typhon were born.

The Sagaris is propelled by the same 4 litre 400 bhp engine as the Tuscan S. It is docile in town where it can burble along at low speeds in high gears. When you press your right foot into the carpet you are pushed authoritatively back into the seat, as the engine howls its way to a redline close to 8000 rpm. Statistics can be dramatic: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds certainly is!

'Lightweight' is a much talked about concept by car manufacturers but rarely achieved. Thanks to its rigid tubular steel chassis and extremely light composite bodywork, the Sagaris weighs in at just over a tonne. With low drag and downforce producing aerodynamic features at both the front and rear of the car, the styling of the Sagaris works as well as it looks.
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