Truck Wash Marketing Tips

Most Truck Wash Entrepreneurs know that a good location is the key to success. But it is only one of the keys and there are several doors to go thru. Customer service, quality of wash and marketing must also be considered.

So now that you have a worthy location for consideration, now what? Well I have some thoughts on the matter.Having been in the fleet cleaning business for 28 years; I would recommend personal sales calls to all the local agricultural fleets and petroleum fleets near the truck wash too. Also make personal visits to all the truck dealers, fleet sales departments, ask for their business but more importantly all their referrals, as a good fleet truck dealer will have over 500 clients or more with potentially 1000s and 1000s of trucks you see?.If you got slow you could promote quick hand car washes in the second bay and also lots of motor homes, which may pass thru and visit all the storage yards and give them coupons to mail out in their invoices to their customers too as a bonus, it makes them look good and could bring you business too.

Make a deal with the truck stops in all directions to promote your truck wash with flyers in a nice little display on their counter and offer it as a coupon $5.00 off to promote your business and get give drivers free snacks and ask them to discuss the truck wash if they like it on the C.B.

while driving away.Also contact the trucking lines which use that short cut to haul and get the names of the dispatchers and talk with them about "speed of wash" and prices to compete.This is doable with a little grass roots industry savvy. You can make this happen, you will need to be smart about it of course and also consider washing Horse Trailers and Livestock trailers also.Think about every possible thing you can wash, do not limit your self to only trucks, remember there are school buses, tour buses, NASCAR, larger city vehicles and larger vehicles which may not be able to go thru the local car wash. So consider doing a little networking in that regard too.

Think outside the box if you choose to take this risk.

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By: Lance Winslow

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