The Audi A a Luxury Grand Tourer

Owners of Audi vehicles such as the B8 will quickly notice the similarities between these two models. The Audi A5 is basically a luxury coupe which is manufactured by the German automotive company Audi. This vehicle was unveiled in March of 2007 in two auto shows, it was featured at the Geneva motor show and in the Melbourne international motor show. Audi fields this version in order to compete with similar but rival models such as the BMW B92 which is a 3-series coupe, these Audi version is also said to compete against the Mercedes-Benz CLK class. This German automotive manufacturer has been somewhat absent from the midsize coupe market ever since the launch of the B3 and B4 models, with the A5 they successfully make a reentry into this market in order to expand their reach. This model will be available in three body styles: -- A two door coupe which already has been featured in line -- A proposed two door convertible -- A 5 door liftback which is planned for 2009 Next-generation A4, A6 as well as A8 are expected to use the new modular longitudinal platform which is used in the A5.

The engine availability runs as follows: -- 4.2L (V8 FSI petrol) -- 3.2L (V6 FSI petrol) -- 3.0L (V6 TDI diesel) -- 2.7L (V6 TDI diesel) The A5 is also going through some very interesting experimental tests which will make it a more environmental save vehicle, alternative fuels such as ethanol are already being placed in such car.

Variations such as the 4.2L TSFI V8 are being confirmed however in order to comply with American market demands the 2.0 TFSI is also on the way.

To become part of the Audi A5 community visit our Audi A5 forum which offers more information about this specific model, visit us today!

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