Recycling Sander Belts in Your Automotive Shop

There are many types of products and tools that are used in industry that are not normally recycled but could be and really we all know that they should be. Recycling is something which takes thought and the opposite of recycling; that is to say pitching something into the trash can takes not thought at all.Recently the subject was brought up in an online think tank about the potential of recycling large belt sander belts? Makes sense right? Indeed and one notable guest think tanker to the group asked the question;."Any thoughts on recycling large sander belts? Any lots of them???? I was thinking shingles or asphalt? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.".

Yes this is a most excellent ideas and a good process to work through. And of course many researchers at the top Universities and R and D private groups are working on ways to recycle everything from the foam under the dash boards in cars to the cell phone batteries in your latest mobile video phone.Now then for the recycling of sander belts; in a perfect world we would be using Carbon Nano-Tube Construction and the adhesive would hold on the grit. The grit could be dislodged by way of ionic bonding thru super charging the carbon nano-tube belt, which conducts electricity or an opposite charge could be applied as the belt was dipped into a solution to remove or melt the adhesive.

The grit, which is left could fall into the solution and be captured in a filter for later use such as concrete, building materials, etc.The adhesive would be suspended and emulsified into the solution and could be precipitated out later for use in a number of things, as it is made up of chemicals too.The belt itself is made of carbon nano-tube flexible construction and could be sent to a company, which makes belt sander belts to be re-used and re-applied another grit spec to continue its life as a recycled belt sander. So, consider all this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board.

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By: Lance Winslow

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