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Whether you own an '89 Toyota Supra Turbo, a '96 Ford Mustang GT convertible, or a 2004 Dodge Magnum SE, you have something in common with other owners: you appreciate performance. Truly, each of these three models as well as tens of others have kept up the performance under the hood while offering designs that are aesthetically unique and appealing. Chances are, however, you are not completely satisfied with your car's look. Have you considered customization? If so, the costs can be quite high.

Let's look at three, easy to install accessories that can give your car that personalized look without busting your budget.Car Bras ? Popularized during the 1960s on select European models, car bras began to catch on in the U.S. by the early 1980s thanks to LeBra, a leading manufacturer of car bras. Early Supra models featured the beefy bras which offer both a styling flair and hood protection. Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, BMWs, and so many other cars are now sporting customized LeBra car bras.

They look great on most vans, trucks, and SUVs too!.Brush Guards ? SUV owners have learned that one big way they can protect their front ends is by installing a set of quality Manik brush guards on their ride. Manik is made from stainless steel and is designed to protect your vehicle's headlights from being smashed and your front end from damage.

Even if you aren't one who is prone to take your wheels off road, a Manik brush guard can protect your front end in a small collision or from a wayward shopping cart. Manik brush guards look awesome too and can transform the look of your ride within minutes of installation.Headlight Covers ? Yet another way to transform your vehicle's image is to install a pair of custom headlight covers.

GT Styling, a manufacturer of headlight covers, light covers, and tail light covers has been transforming cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for years with their innovative and attractive looking accessories.Made from durable composite materials, GTS covers are almost indestructible while allowing the right amount of light to emit freely. Quite frankly they have to be tough: with all of the road debris being kicked up on our highways, you need a product that not only looks great but can stand up under adverse conditions.Each of the three accessories mentioned can transform the look of your vehicle quickly and cost effectively.

For the best selection of car parts and accessories, visit the Race Pages to check out their line of Manik, GT Styling, and LeBra products at wholesale prices.

.Copyright 2006 ? Matt Keegan is The Auto Writer, covering topics from insurance and auto parts to car reviews.Matt invites you to visit the Race Pages for a great selection of auto parts and accessories.

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By: Matthew Keegan

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