Outside Lemon Law Federal Law Offers Distressed Drivers Money Plus They Get To Keep Their Car

As gas prices continue to soar, it now costs more than ever to get from point A to Point B. There is only one thing that can escalate the pain people are experiencing at the pump and that is when a driver is experiencing ongoing mechanical or electrical problems with their car. Now, some of that very expensive gas is being used to get the car back to the service center and time is being wasted on meeting with mechanics regularly. Certainly, we have all heard of the lemon law at one time or another.

Every State has one and they are designed to protect car owners when their ride turns sour. But, what if you fall outside the lemon law provisions? Perhaps, you live in Pennsylvania, and your problem occurred at 13,000 miles, rather than 12,000? Or you have a used car with a manufacturers warranty and the check engine light just will not go off? Is the manufacturer off the hook? Is the consumer out of luck? The answer is no. There's a little known Federal law called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, that's not discussed by car dealerships when you purchase your car. It's a statute that is not heavily promoted or publicized but it applies to cars, or any products that cost over $25 and are covered by a manufacturers warranty. What is says is that if you find that you have to get your car repaired three or more times for the same thing, it means that the warranty has not proven to efficient or very effective.

And for that reason, you could be entitled to monies that reflect the diminished value of the car as a result of the problem. So, that darn window motor that's been replaced, the air conditioner that hasn't been blowing cool air, the water leak in the trunk that was finally fixed after four tries, or that nav system that's gone through quite a few upgrades could mean thousands in your pocket PLUS **You get to keep your car **Your warranty remains completely in effect and they still have to fix your car. **Your car is not branded in any way (like the lemon law) **You do not disclose that you received this money when selling or trading your car. **Like the Lemon Law, the Magnuson Moss provides a provision which entitles consumers to completely free legal help, so they are on equal footing with the manufacturers.

And unlike the lemon law, this law can apply to used cars. You read this right'This is free money and it applies to any car or truck which is still under an original or extended manufacturers warranty.

Since 1991, Kimmel and Silverman has provided cost-free lemon law and breach of warranty help to more than 45,000 drivers, recovering more than $145 million their clients. The Lemon Law Firm currently assists clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Washington DC and Ohio.

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