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Do you know that 3 out of 4 people in the United States do not have car theft protection systems or any car anti theft device installed on their cars? Well even if they do, most them do not even bothered to activate these car anti theft devices. Just think about it, when was the last time you left your car idling outside while you were busy picking up snacks from the gas stations? Let's face it, car theft "market" for these car theft folks have been literally blooming and striving like a twister on steroids. According to Insurance Information Institute, US, the average value of a motor vehicle reported stolen in 2003 was $6,797, compared with $6,701 in 2002. The latest key statistic says that for every 25 seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States. So instead of trying to be so alarmed with these figures, it's time for you to take the bull by the horns and get started in doing every bit to prevent car thefts. 1) Lock it up.

Lock your vehicle at all times, close all windows and sun roof and take your keys 2) Don't be dumb by hiding keys in your car. Never hide second set of keys in or on your vehicle. The car thieves can outsmart you by knowing all the hiding places. 3) Hide valuables Don't think about leaving your valuables in your car and left to be seen by the potential car thieves. Items left in the open attract car thieves. 4) Protect Your Data - Beware of Identity fraud.

Don't ever leave any important documents such as bank statements, credit card bills/statements, or other personal information in your car. Car thefts can use this vital information against you and steal your bank money by accessing your bank or credit car accounts. 5) Do not dispose your Car registration Some drivers literally take convenience up to the extreme. They often leave their car registration or car titles inside their car.

Doing so may help the car thieves to dispose your car faster than you can ever imagine. 6) Parking Strategy Do you know that parking at the right place may literally prevent car thefts and protect your car altogether? It is best to park in well lit areas with plenty of pedestrian traffic. 7) Stop idling and learn to increase gas mileage. By leaving your car unattended might literally pose a danger to your car of being stolen, especially when you are at the convenient stores or ATMs. The ebook "Gas Mileage Tactics" at http://www. will reveal to you that not only learning to stop idling will prevent car thefts, but also the potential wastage of gas and wear and tear of your car. So you'll get two sides of the same coin literally.

8) Prevent Theft by Towing. You'd be surprised that thieves nowadays use tow trucks to steal vehicles. At the most extreme cases, some of them might pose as the bank credit officer and tow your car away in the broad daylight. So always use your emergency brakes and leave your transmission in the park position. You should also turn the wheels toward the curb. Although these steps will not 100% prevent auto thefts, but somehow or rather, this will make up a nightmare for the potential car thieves who use tow trucks to steal vehicles.

9) Park in your garage. If you have a car porch / garage in your house, always park your car at those places and never park them outside of your house. Lock the gates or the garage as well as your car windows. 10) The "One" is not enough. There are many car anti theft devices that are mushrooming in the auto market like nobody's business. Although I will not say that these car anti theft devices may 100% prevent car thefts altogether, but at least it will prolong their time to steal your car and bring them one heck of a tough time to hack into your vehicle.

So if you happen to park your car in high theft areas, never rely on just one device alone. Use as many as you can. Here are some of the car anti theft devices you can use. a) Vehicle Alarm Vechile Alarms are one of the most common security alarm in a motorcar today. It pays in actually invest in a good car alarm system. Most auto alarm systems are equipped with motion sensors as well as impact sensors.

As series of high-decibel tones are blasted out when somebody is trying to steal your vehicle. High quality car alarm systems may include an automatic kill switch and may also use flashing headlights and horn in addition to sounding the siren. b) Steering Wheel Lock This is a simple device which looks like a long metal bar with a lock that fits on the steering wheel. When fitted on, it prevents the steering wheel from being turned.

It's a pretty inexpensive way to safeguard your car. c) Starter disablers. There are quite a few of common starter disablers in the market.

They serve as the one last extra safeguard to your car in case the car thief has broken into your car. These devices e.g armored collars will prevent them from breaking into the steering column to hot wire the vehicle. Some disablers may be used to prevent the flow of electricity of fuel to the engine, thus making it impossible for the thieves to get the car running. So here are the top car theft protection tips for you.

Apply them and you will see your vehicles better protected.

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