Is Your Cooling System Still Cool

By the term itself, your car's cooling system keeps the climate inside your vehicle just right during those hot and humid days. It also does work so that you and your passengers do not sweat out and perspire during long road trips this summer. However, the cooling system of a vehicle could also act up and there could be quite a number of reasons why. This may not be a big deal for you but keep in mind that when a system in your vehicle is not working well, certain parts of your vehicle, like your engine, work double time causing further problems which could have been avoided if the main problem was attended to immediately.You can check your car's cooling system yourself.

This way, you can see if there are things that need some repair or replacement. In fact, by checking the cooling yourself, you are saving yourself big bucks that you have to pay if you had a professional take a look at your car.Check the cooling system's coolant level.

You can find the reservoir for this fluid at the radiator overflow or plastic coolant reservoir tank. You see, your car could overheat if there is a low coolant level.So add some more if this seems to be the situation.

You can also try checking the radiator. When your engine is cold, open the cap of the radiator and fill it up with antifreeze or water. Do this if the radiator seems to be empty.After that, put the cap back on. Then go check the lower and upper radiator hoses.

These are those hoses that are held by hose clamps and see if they are attached securely. If there are leaks, this could be the problem.Go check if there might be a coolant leak.

You can check this under your car. You do have to locate the radiator first. You will know if there is a leak of coolant because this leak would appear slippery and greenish. It would also have a sweet odor.


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