If You Are Looking For Ultimate Comfort Class A RV

Sometimes Class A motorhome can be confused with a bus, they look very much alike. The Class A has a substantially large windshield, and the nose of nose of it is flat. This Class is unmatched among RV's, they are bigger in size and the interior is so top of the line that one could get spoiled living in it. The length averages from 21 feet to 40 feet, the weight is 15,000 to 30,000 pounds, they sleep up to 8 and the frame is much like a truck frame.

The bigger the unit the more people it will sleep. Many RVs are just as equipped and plush as a custom home. Class A motor homes include full kitchens and bath, some have showers, a bedroom in the rear, some of the amenities are hot and cold water, air conditioning, heat, closets, entertainment centers, couches, recliners, whatever your dreams or needs are can be reality in a Class A recreational vehicle.

A additional upgrade is called a slide out wall. A slide out wall offers you additional room inside your motorhome when parked. They can some times add up to 3 1/2 feet to the width of your motor home at the push of a button.

It will pop out either one small section or the whole side. When traveling in one of these the passengers can get up and walk around while the unit is actually on the road. You can cook, sleep, and use the restroom or anything else you wish with out needing to pull over. This comes in handy if traveling a long distance. With a little practice anyone can drive a Class A they are so easy to handle. The construction of a motor home is solid the ride is enjoyable.

Unless your motor home has air breaks you don't even need a special license. Class A motor homes come in many shapes and sizes as well as accommodations so with these choices you also get a wide range for the cost of one of these beauties. The smaller models with the basic start at about $50,000, and as you get bigger and more extravagant the bigger in price, they can go well over $1 million.

The price for a motor home is comparable to your extravagant homes, depending on the upgrades and add on's. For some people this is a dream come true they get all the accommodation one can dream of having in their home and they get to take it anywhere they dream cause their home is on wheels, giving them the option to travel in style. If you do choose to live in a Class A motorhome full time you may want to look into having it winterized, your water tanks are heated, high BTU furnace, double pane windows, and upgraded insulation.

It is also recommended that you tow a more gas efficient vehicle for those quick trip around to do errands. It is so time consuming hooking up and unhooking that is easier to just tow a little car behind you. This is a good idea for those who travel or live in their motorhome most of the year.

Class A RV's are superior in the RV classes and come with a luxury and promise. Clint Westfall ensures you go to the most trusted RV Dealer by allowing other consumers like yourself vote on the best recreational vehicle dealership.

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