How To Get The Most Out Of New Audio Options For Your Car

The diversity of the automobile market has increased over the past couple of years. Today, it is not uncommon to see a shiny, Escalade flanked by Hybrid cars and Toyota Camrys at a car dealership. Flicking through the television channels, you will notice a variety of car customization shows, which focus on adding additional features to current and older model vehicles.

Some of these additions include flashy rims, as well as television installations with DVD capabilities. A car DVD system may be one of the leading trends in dressing an automobile, but they also serve many different purposes. Many believe that drivers will not be able to fully enjoy a car DVD system while traveling, but this is far from the truth. Long family trips don't have to be a downer for younger travelers. Coloring books and snacks can only occupy you for so long. Both the kids, as well as the adult driver will enjoy the benefits to having onsite video entertainment.

All you have to do is put in a favorite movie and hours of a trip pass with ease. There are two main kinds of auto DVD systems that you may consider for your vehicle. One option is portable, while the other is installed within the dashboard. Portable Units When looking for the better costing unit, you may opt to purchase a portable model because they are less expensive than a dash selection.

The portable units are considered less of a visual attraction, but offer the advantage of increased versatility. A 12 volt power adapter is required for the portable units to work within a car. By plugging the unit into the wall, these DVD systems can also be used within the home. In Dash DVD Units Dash car units are wired into the automobile through the entertainment outlets of the vehicle. Movies appears on either a screen placed within the middle part of the dashboard or on a screen that flips open from the roof of the car. Sometimes the unit may flip open from the dash area as well.

This choice is virtually worry free because there are no additional cords or setting up to be concerned with. Loading movies into the unit is quick and convenient. With the purchase of navigation software, the same screen can be used when traveling.

Sometimes a drawback to this option is that it causes unnecessary distractions for the driver. Screens that flip down are less distracting, but only provide viewing for backseat riders. Looking Towards the Future With most products that meet a positive reception with the public, additional advances towards better, lighter, less expensive, as well as more compact models will follow. When looking at the popularity of such units, car manufacturers have caught on to the potential profits of including these DVD systems within their newer vehicle models.

This can be seen in some of the higher end, as well as family oriented automobiles. Soon, previously installed models may surpass the current status of portable units.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as audio players at

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