Headlights And How They Greatly Impact Your Night Time Driving Safety

Night time driving safety is a big concern lately as most accidents occur at night. Also, the severity of these accidents tends to be much more severe with more fatalities and severe injuries. Our vision field is much smaller at night and an improperly lit car or one with dim headlights can be very hard if not impossible to see.

Night time greatly increases the impact of minor inconveniences like dim or cloudy headlights. Dimly lit or bad headlights limit our awareness, vision and even our ability and to react or even see is in front of us. There are things we have no control over like non relective signs and under or overgrowth that partially covers signs, but there are major things like headlights that you can control and limit your risks when driving at night. Per the National Institute for Traffic and Highway Safety, the number one reason for severe night time accidents and reduced driving safety is dim or cloudy and improperly lit headlights. If a headlight has ineffective or diminished light output, your night time driving safety is greatly at risk.

According to a study by the University of Iowa, a 20 to 50% reduction in headlight out put leads to a 90% increase in the possibility of an accident occurring. In 1988 the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 90% of cars currently on the road have dim, cloudy or improperly lit headlights that greatly increase night time driving risks. Basically, 4 out of every 5 people driving at night are taking unnecessary risks by driving with ineffective headlights. This is a very unnecessary risk as it is easy to either replace or fix these headlights. In the past the only option was to either replace a bad bulb and or the entire lens. Being that most dim headlights are not due to bad bulbs and are actually due to cloudy and worn headlight lenses, this became very expensive and for many cost prohibitive.

99% of all headlight lenses are made of plastic and the average replacement lens costs over $200 to replace and that does not include installation and aiming. Now there is a very cost effective alternative, the headlight restoration and cleaning kit. This headlight restoration and cleaning kit has made it so headlights that were once discarded could now be restored to new condition again. Driving safety is greatly increased and so is piece of mind. Numerous police and government agencies have reported huge safety increases with the use of this headlight restoration and cleaning kit and most even use it on their own vehicles.

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