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The 4th of July is a fine time to think about what makes America great, and for me, it's summed up in a single word: Individualism.When I think of rugged individualists I don't summon to mind images of old west characters, or super-rich self-made men.I recall my wood shop teacher in grade school.Now he was a piece of work!.Mr. Thompson, known as Mr.

T, looked like Mr. Clean. You know that guy on the soap products.He shaved his head decades before it was popular, and he was probably the only teacher who knew the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell.He drove a bright red Ferrari, the only teacher I ever knew who owned such an indulgence.Mr.

T told us a story about his adventures down in old Mexico.He crossed the border and just kept going, back in the days when bandits were even more common, and nobody in that outback or even in most of the States knew how to fix an Italian super car.No problem, when his tailpipe broke, out in the middle of nowhere, he fixed it himself; by bundling up some magazines, taking some twine, and well I forget the rest, but it held until he could get parts upon his return.

Mr. T must have decided he was the only teacher who was capable of turning the boys in his class into self-reliant men.So, he'd do demonstrations of his toughness.

His favorite was the "L Lever," a gymnastics pose usually done on parallel bars. You elevate yourself with your arms, lock out your elbows so your body looks like an "I" and then raise your legs so they are perpendicular to the ground.Hold that position, and you look like an "L," and that's an "L Lever.".Nobody in my class could rival Mr.

Thompson for form or endurance, and that engendered genuine admiration.Anyway, I'd like to think on this Fourth of July weekend, Mr. T is tinkering with that beautiful red ride of his, happy to be alive and kicking, and ready to pack that trunk with a single change of clothes, maybe a case of beer, and of course, his tools.And don't forget a magazine or two and some twine!.

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By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman

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