Even The Best Car Alarms Will Not Guarantee Theft Prevention

Allowing for the fact that the purchase of a high quality car alarm could be one of the more expensive investments you will make, it is obviously important to you. However, even the very best car alarms may not be able to stop a determined and highly skilled car thief. Amateurs and first time opportunity car thieves will almost certainly be scared away when the alarm is activated, but many professional car thieves will see it as a challenge and persist in their attempt to steal your car, even with one of the best car alarms fitted. The more basic car alarms will have door switches wired up to the car's horn, or perhaps even a loud siren. However, the better car alarms will also be equipped with sensors on the windows as well, just in case the thief bypasses the doors and breaks the window to gain entry instead. This allows the thief to help himself to any valuables left in the car or, alternatively, haul the vehicle away with a tow truck.

Even the motion sensors and temperature sensors that form a part of the best car alarms, are not guaranteed to stop the thief who uses a towing vehicle to remove your car. The absolute best car alarms will also have tilt sensing switches to recognize when the vehicle is being lifted by a tow truck, or even when it is moved using wheel sensors. All of this means that even when your vehicle is equipped with one of the best car alarms around, incorporating all the bells and whistles, an experienced and sophisticated car thief could still be able to disable the alarm. Remote Control Alarms May Slow The Thief Down Many of the best car alarms are activated by the use of a remote control that is an integral part of your door lock system. This remote control, with a unique code built in, can only be deactivated by using the specific remote control transmitter codes. You would expect that to ensure the safety of your car, but technologically savvy car thieves can position themselves nearby and, when the car's alarm is deactivated by using the remote control, hold a device which can capture the code.

This device will then save the code and the next time the vehicle is not in use and the alarm turned on, they will have in their possession the code with which to turn it off. Some of the best car alarms, which can cost considerably more, use a code system that changes automatically every time the alarm button is pressed. Using a progressive algorithm assignment system each time the alarm is deactivated, the alarm receiving unit's computer will change the code to render the code useless should it be stolen by the thief. Not everyone's budget will allow for the purchase of the very best car alarms, but when used as a deterrent they can keep all but the most determined and experienced car thief from driving away with one of your most prized possessions. How much you can afford for one of the best car alarms will determine how well protected you are against having your vehicle stolen.

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