Competition and Truck Routing Considerations in Choosing Truck Wash Locations

Choosing a truck wash location is not too difficult, however there are certain things that must be considered; for instance the amount of competition in the area and the number of trucks along that route. With the higher costs in fuel these days one would be pleased to know that most trucking company dispatchers will not allow their trucks to go out of the way very far for a truck wash due to the additional costs.Consider that a truck gets 4-5 miles per gallon and fuel is $3.

00 per gallon, so if one drives 20 miles out of the way to get a truck wash, they just paid over $24.00 round trip additional for that truck wash and that is without considering the potential eventuality of the driver being paid by the hour or possibly running over his allotted time on the job with the new hour rules. In the case of an independent truck driver you can understand that it is his or her own money and they also will not be willing to drive too much out of their way these days for a truck wash either.More and more dispatchers are choosing truck washes which have no wait times and can wash the trucks in 30 minutes or less and some larger trucking companies are wishing to make sure that the drivers only wash the cab 2-times per month and the trailers get washed at their terminals which happen to have mechanical drive thrus. And the truck wash industry is a competitive endeavor these days as well.

But once you pick a good location you can beat the competition with speed and quality. Many truck drivers call the number one truck wash chain "Streakin Beacin" due to the poor wash quality that they perceive they have gotten.So you see truck routing, truck traffic counts and competition are all factors to consider in choosing the right truck wash location.


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