Charity Car Donations

Making a charitable donation is a noble act. Charity need not be just with money. It can also be done by donating objects like clothes, furniture, cars and just anything. Cars are donated to the recipients directly or they are sold and the money is given away as charity.

Many people prefer to donate used cars for helping the community.There are many charitable organizations that accept cars as a donation. These cars need not be in running conditions to be donated. The cars are generally sold or auctioned and the proceeds are used for charity work. There are some organizations that accept car donations, sell the cars and give the proceeds to other charitable organizations.Donating a car is a noble gesture.

It is also a good tool for reducing tax payments. Car donation to an approved 501(C)3 charity organization is tax deductible under certain clauses. These are applicable for all kinds of cars.

You can claim the car's fair market value if the car is worth less than $500 or it is in good working condition. You can claim deduction equal to the actual sale price of the car is the car is worth more than $500. However, before donating, ensure that the donation program is a qualified, 501(c)3 IRS registered charity since only such programs are eligible for tax deductions.Information about such charity programs can be obtained from the IRS website or in the Publication 78 that is available at most public libraries. If the total donation is more than $500, then a separate form (8283) has to be filled. Donating a car for tax purposes requires itemized deductions on the personal tax return.

Determine the value of the car meant for donation. This can be done by checking the blue book value.Take the condition of the car into consideration while determining its value. Most charity organizations take donated cars for free, but there are some which charge certain fees. Make sure you have the title for the car.

Most charity organizations that accept car donations also provide other services like free vehicle pick-up, easier/hassle-free paperwork and easy online application forms. The donations can also be made to your preferred charities.These days, making a charity car donation has become very easy with online application forms and faster processing. The whole process takes just 2-3 days. Car charity organizations can be located online over the internet or they can also be found in yellow pages or through advertisements.

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By: Josh Riverside

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