A Good Deal Can You Buy Cheap Tires And Be Safe

There's no question that tires can be expensive. However, before deciding to replace your worn tires with a discount brand there are some things you should consider.First, you can use a little common sense to determine which kind of tire is right for your particular situation. A good way to think about this is to think of tires as being like shoes for your car.

Would you wear brown oxfords while jogging? When you attend a funeral do you throw on a pair of cross trainers? Of course not!.The fact of the matter is that both your make of vehicle and your driving style should be the determining factors when deciding if you can drive safely on less expensive tires.If your primary mode of transportation is a Ferrari, and you like to push it to its limits, then trying to save money by buying cheap tires is just plain stupid, not to mention potentially fatal.However, if your choice of vehicle, driving style and driving habits may be more in line with those of the proverbial little old lady from Pasadena who only used her car to drive to church on Sundays.

In this case, outfitting your car with discount tires is probably reasonably safe.Safe, but not necessarily smart. Every mainstream tire manufacturer produces a range of different tires with a range of different prices. In a few rare cases, the different prices are because the tires in question are made for some sort of specialty application, such as racing or off-roading.

Most of the tires you see, however, are intended for general highway and city use. Generally speaking the reason for the difference in prices is directly related to the quality of the tire. In other words, cheaper tires wear out a lot faster than the expensive ones do.Tire dealers and tire manufacturers are quite upfront about this and they have figures to back up their claims.

Discount tires therefore represent a false economy for many motorists.On the other hand, premium tires can represent a high initial outlay of cash. If you don't drive much then there is a chance you will not get to use all the tire that you are paying for.

In this case, cheap tires may be the way to go. Before you make your decision, make sure that you carefully consider all the factors involved. By doing this, you stand a much better chance of getting the best tire for your money and your particular situation.

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