A bit about the Vauxhall Vivaro Van

The Opel Vivaro with the name of Vauxhall Vivaro is being sold in the United Kingdom. It is a medium sized, commercial vehicle apt for small and light deliveries. Dynamic looking Vauxhall Vivaro Van originally launched in the year 2001 is quietly creating ripples amongst business owners.

It is also available in other variants such as Panel Van, combined bus, minibus and platform cab configurations. The options also include two roof bases and two roof heights, as well as well as one petrol engine and three diesel engine options. These new diesels are smooth in their power delivery and relatively vibration-free. The lower powered option is mated to a dash-mounted five-speed 'box while the 100 bhp version gets a six-speeder, which provides a slicker gear change action.

The vehicle was a product of the joint venture between General Motors (Manufacturer of Opel and Vauxhall) and the French Auto Manufacturer Renault. It is also sold by the Renault Traffic and by their partner Nissan, as Nissan Primaster. The commercial vehicle is manufactured at GMM Luton Vehicles previously known as IBC, in England and also by Nissan at their plant Zona Franca facility in Barcelona. The vehicle apart from being a high performer in the mid size commercial carrier segment, it is also highly distinguished by its luxuriously designed flamboyant front and overall looks. Compared to other vehicles in the same segment such as the smaller version of the Ford Transit and Volkswagen's Transporter, Vauxhall's Vivaro stands out as an obvious choice for any business owner.

The Vauxhall Vivaro Van won the prestigious award from the Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine as the Van of the year 2006. GM and Renault are definitely not scared to be radical in any way. Their joint venture of worth 430 million for the front wheel Traffic or the Vivaro van looks distinctly different from the rivals in the same segment of 1.0 tonne carrying capacity. And it is certain to captivate every sophisticated heads turn at least. As usual Vauxhall never had a serious contender beside it, as a result it continued to be the market leader for well past several decades.

As a result, the marquee will be quite a captivating thing for many a small and big business owner, and as always will keep fascinating sales for some several more years to come. Other biggies of the industry includes Mercedes Benz (Vito) and Ford Transit which are already suffering a run for their money for the latest offering from the house of the Vauxhall. Now with the present van market getting in more and more players, most of whom are biggies in the automobile industry; chances are there, that not a long time from now, all of them will be ready to chunk out a good deal for every buyer of the vehicle. And who knows, the day might come when they would start tailoring your vehicle as per your desire or specification and deliver it to you. Wouldn't that be a true deliverance? Indeed it would be. Sounds like a great compact Van to buy this year right? But for the time being indulge yourself to explore the sophisticatedly crafted wonderfully engineered vehicle, which is nothing but a wonder piece from the house of Vauxhall.

It's the Vauxhall Vivaro Van folks.

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